1. You will find that colors on the final output of projects will vary from  the colors on your monitor screen. The type of printer, ink and paper  used will also effect the final color output of your project. You may  wish to experiment with different types of papers.

2. Card stock is best for making the note cards and gift  boxes. I have not tried these projects on gloss photo papers. But have  found standard white card stock works well.

3. Use a clear straight edge or ruler and scoring tool to make the folds of your project. This is especially helpful with heavier card stocks and assures the fold lines will match up.

I have found that a  small round tipped embossing stylus works very well for scoring and will not cut the paper. Using A ruler or straight edge and razor blade knife works extremely well for the outline cutouts.


4. Carefully cutting just inside of cut out lines will give a  nice clean area removing traces of the dark lines that can mar the look  of your final completed project. (Especially envelopes)


5. You may want to consider refilling your own ink cartridges. I have found it to be an inexpensive way to do a lot of printing. I  have had extremely good results from refilling my cartridges with bulk  inks. There are many good web sites online that will give instructions  for refilling the different types of cartridges.


The biggest problem with ink jet projects is of course the  fact that printer inks are water based and will bleed and run from  accidental spills ( In my case a sneeze lol).

To protect a special project that you have devoted a great  deal of time in making, apply a clear coat spray fixative such as Krylon spray finish, Folk art clear coat, or print guard spray.

After printout has dried spray one light coat, let dry, and spray a second light coat. Be sure the first coat is dry before  spraying the second coat. Do not spray to close to the printed sheet.

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